Kawaii Box: December ’17 Subscription Box

*Disclaimer: I own all the pictures. This blog post is not sponsored. Everything written over here is just my opinion.

Hey, folks!

I present to you a long overdue review of the Kawaii Box! This is the December edition and yes, I know, it’s pretty late and March starts tomorrow but like I said before, it’s never too late to review content quality! Also, I would like to mention that the Kawaii Box was the first Subscription Box I had ever purchased and then followed by the GetQBox and so on. I hope this review is informative enough for you and if you have questions, please free feel to reach out to me and the same goes for feedbacks as well.


So, before we get into reviewing the contents of the box, let’s get into the basics!

What is a Subscription Box?

A Subscription Box is a monthly, trimonthly or quarterly planned and distributed box that usually holds a theme based on the genre or category it is from. You can receive Subscription Boxes from different countries depending on the list of countries they ship to. Some of the more common Subscription Boxes you will see on this blog will range from genres like Beauty, Books, Skincare, Kawaii(Cute/Japanese themes), Food, etc.

I plan on introducing boxes for pets like the MeowBox which usually include treats, toys, accessories, etc. I own a cat, her name is Momo, so, there will be a surplus of mostly pet cat Subscription Boxes but if you do want me to review a box for dogs, I’m up for that as well!

A little introduction to Kawaii Box

What is it? Where is it from?

The Kawaii Box is a Subscription Service that is based in Singapore. Kawaii box delivers to its customers a variety of kawaii(Cute) Japanese and Korean merchandise. Some of the brands/characters that collaborate with the Kawaii Box are Sanrio, San-X, Totoro, Hello Kitty, Pocky, etc. They ship for free worldwide and have a list of countries that they ship to. There are three Subscription Plans available- Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly. The monthly box costs USD$19.90 and it’s a recurring plan that renews itself each month and it can be canceled at any time. Each box consists of 8-10 items that range from accessories, snacks, stationery, etc. Also, each subscriber is automatically entered into their Kawaii MegaBox Raffle, where they get the chance to win a box with a value of USD$100. The Kawaii Box was also featured on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ as one of the “Gifts that keep giving”!

Word on the street?

So far, I haven’t quite come across any bad reviews or rumors, maybe except for a late box arrival but those are usually minor casualties of subscribing for such services. Nevertheless, there haven’t been any major shipping issues with the Kawaii Box otherwise. If I do come across any, there will be an update to this post.


Funny story, I did try to place an order for this box on my own but my card was declined several times. Now, there was a sufficient amount of funds in it but it turns out, certain banks simply don’t avail their services for site’s like these where they may feel that it’s not trustworthy or a tad bit shady. Of course, this is just a precautionary measure taken by the bank to keep you safe and has nothing to do with the site itself, well, not this one at least. So, back to the point, I asked my senior to place the order for me instead. Now, while I didn’t have any issues when I contacted customer service via Whatsapp & Email, my senior did face some problems with late responses and inadequate information from their side through Facebook. However, the issues were resolved eventually and the box arrived on time.

Now, based on experiences so far, here are my ratings

Arrival: 8/10

Social Media Activity: 7/10

Customer Service: 8/10

Authenticity: 8/10

So, let’s get into the product review!


The Shiba Inu Calendar

This calendar is a product of Tree In Art which is located in Hangzhou, China and they’re known for their various gifting and stationery products. The Shiba Inu is a dog breed from Japan and they’re the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breed of dogs in Japan. The item is made in 93x136mm Material: Paper Production with a Quality Certification: Passing Standard.

I actually quite like this calendar. The first Month mentioned in this is November 2017, followed by December, January and so forth. A pattern is followed with 6 different quirky expressions on different months. The quality of the print is pretty decent, though on the month of May, the Shiba Inu is visibly tanner and it’s either to symbolize May as a warmer Month or a printing error. I think it’s pretty neat if that was deliberately done. The durability of the paper, however, is questionable. With time, it will have cracks on the bends that make its foundation shaky and it may not be able to stand upright like how it initially used to. Nonetheless, it makes a great addition to your desk!

So, this brings us to the first product rating of this blog post

Quality: 8/10

Defects: The Month of May has a printing error which probably isn’t deliberately done to beautify because none of the other months have been given any such customisation’s.

Kawaii-ness: 8/10

Relevance(To Theme): 10/10


The Hello Kitty Coin Pouch & Cookie Cutter

Hello Kitty is a character created by Yuko Shimizu and is currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi and produced by Sanrio, Japan. Hello Kitty is a worldwide sensation because of her cute demeanor and amazing merchandise that can be bought in the form of wearables, accessories, dishware, stationery, etc. She is a Japanese white Bobtail cat with notably no mouth. Tiny Chum is another Sanrio produced character and she is hello Kitty’s teddy bear friend. Both Hello Kitty and Tiny chum each don a bow on their heads, how cute!

The Hello Kitty coin pouch is simply adorable! Although it does look a wee bit scruffy up close, it still doesn’t deter you from it’s soft and huggable texture and form, respectively. It can hold a substantial amount of coins or a few clips if you will. The quality of the zipper and ball chain is decent and efficient. The labels on the side show the trademark and license of the Sanrio Company, Japan. The popup pink bow adds to the whole kawaii-ness of the product!

The Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter was something I didn’t quite expect to find in a box like this but it does suit the general idea of cuteness and of course, Christmas is the perfect time for baking! I actually haven’t had the time to really use this item but considering the great quality, I think it’s safe to assume that anyone should be able to use the cookie cutter with ease. Another great addition to your household, especially for the kitchen!

Product Rating

Quality: Pouch 8/10 & Cookie Cutter 9/10

Defects: Except for the scruffy look on the pouch, neither of them have any significant defects.

Kawaii-ness: Pouch 9/10 & Cookie Cutter 9/10

Relevance: Pouch 8/10 & Cookie Cutter 10/10

kawaii 6.jpeg

The Cinnamoroll Photo Props

Cinnamoroll is a Japanese Character produced by Sanrio, Japan and was created by Miyuki Okumura. He is a little chubby male puppy with white fur, blue eyes, pink cheeks, a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll and long ears that enable him to fly. He has appeared in a few series and movies that focus on him and his friends embarking on different cute and fun adventures!

These props definitely come in handy when you want to beautify or simply, just decorate your collection plushies and toys alike. Luckily, I had Mr. Starbucks Bear out! The material used to make the props enable them to remain sturdy and light. The prints are bright and cheery with 4 different looks! While the props don’t quite serve a purpose to the Christmas theme, I personally like the Cinnamoroll glasses!

Product Rating

Quality: 8/10

Defects: None

Kawaii-ness: 8/10

Relevance: 6/10

kawaii 7

DIY Bead Bracelet Set

This DIY Bead Bracelet Set is from the Cheng Wang Stationary Store, China. Sadly, I couldn’t find more information on this but I will make an update if I do.

Now, in the previous unboxing videos that I have seen and blogs that I have read for Kawaii Box, I noted how several of them included such DIY sets. Once again, I don’t really see how this item goes with the Christmas theme but I will give you that, they might be of a great use accessory wise for the occasion for those who can pull off this style! While I do enjoy some DIY sets, this one leans a bit more towards the childish side of cuteness. Though, I know that a lot of you enjoy making these and judging from the collection of beads provided in the set, they surely will turn out to be super cute and pretty to wear!

Product Rating

Quality: 7/10

Defects: None

Kawaii-ness: 7/10

Relevance: 5/10


The Disney Tsum Tsum Christmas Card & Candy Bar

The Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of Japanese collectible stuffed toys based upon Disney and Pixar characters and they also come in the form of wearable merchandises and stationary! Some of the characters depicted on the card are classics like Winnie The Poo, Chip & Dale, Donald & Daisy Duck, Stitch(From Lilo & Stitch), Tangled, etc.

This box did arrive before Christmas but I wasn’t able to use this card due to a major flaw in it. Right in the middle of the front page is the message ‘Happy Holidays to you and your family.’ Not only is there a typo but the placement of the message is completely wrong. Hence, ruining any chance of making use of this as a proper Christmas Card. These factors aside, the illustrations and characters are really good but I would’ve preferred them to be more Christmas themed to go along with the message. They would make great cut outs though!

As for the candy bar, while it did look very cute wrapper wise, it tasted stale and like low-quality chocolate. Unfortunately, it was my senior who was at the receiving end of that since I don’t really like chocolates. Nonetheless, both the Disney Tsum Tsum items have been huge disappointments.

Product Rating

Quality: Card 6/10 & Candy 2/10


Card- Typo and error in placement of the message.

Candy- It was stale and low quality.

Kawaii-ness: Card 6/10 & Candy 5/10

Relevance: Card 6/10 & Candy 5/10


The Disney Tsum Tsum Stickers

Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of Japanese collectible stuffed toys based upon Disney and Pixar characters. Some of their popular merchandises are in the form of stationary and small accessories. Some of the characters featured in this product are Monster’s Inc., Elsa & Anna(From Frozen), Tigger, etc.

These are super handy for those who enjoy customizing their cards, stationary or walls with cute little stickers like these! Each character featured is themed and designed with a Christmas look to get into the festive mood! Even Randall(From Monster’s Inc.)  seems to be enjoying the Christmas season!

Product Rating

Quality: 8/10

Defects: None

Kawaii-ness: 9/10

Relevance: 10/10


This was how the Kawaii Box looked when it first arrived. No other wrappings, just a box with the address and stamps on the back.

My Verdict?

The Kawaii Box definitely is one of the boxes I would recommend for anyone who is really interested in the kawaii genre of things! Everything is mostly balanced and more or less, relevant to the themes with authenticity in mind, everything is an original and of great quality! Even though I do really like this box, I would suggest that any first-time subscriber, regardless of whichever Subscription Service you go for, should always try the monthly plan first and then go for the other extended plans!

If you want to sign up or visit the site!

Also if you want to request a review for any kind of box, as long as it ships to India, please email me at Iamnotchannel@gmail.com! Also, leave a like, comment and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Until the next post,

laters, folks! :3

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