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I have always enjoyed buying various makeup products and using them all at once is a bit of a chore and I can’t help but feel lazy at times but I can’t say the same for skincare. Until a while ago, I wasn’t a big fan of skincare products but lately, I have been religiously following a routine every day to keep my face from falling apart. Some people think that skincare is only meant for older people but in actuality, everyone needs it and should make a habit out of it. It’s very important to pamper your skin with various soothing lotions and potions to keep rejuvenated and healthy. Now, some people go ahead and prefer clinical approved and chemical based products and some prefer more organic ingredients in their creams and oils. I, for one, am much like the latter, and most of the skincare products I use are made from 100% natural ingredients. While some may believe that products like these are cheap, that’s not necessarily true. The skincare product that I will be reviewing today is by a company called Indulgeo Essentials and this is the Rose Gold Oil. Also, for my Indian viewers, who may have always wanted to try out Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir and not been able to do so because they don’t ship to India, the Indulgeo Essential’s Rose Gold Oil is also known and rumored to be the perfect dupe for Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir. To know more, find out by reading this review!




What is Indulgeo Essentials?

The company Indulgeo Essentials is an Indian brand that is based in Gurgaon. This company also ships worldwide. They have previously been featured in magazines like Elle, Vogue, Brides and on websites like the LLB, Bedazzdleublog and With Love Miss D. Indulgeo Essentials has found the most natural, chemical-free and Eco-friendly to answer the skincare questions that worry each one of us and their solutions are all oil based. They have an assortment of concoctions that they have created with organic ingredients that are in oil form and they tackle major skin and hair care concerns. Starting from teenager’s acne prone skin to curing pigmentation, Indulgeo has everything covered. Indulgeo’s Oils heal some of the skins toughest problems like acne and inflammation, preventing long term sun damage to the skin making it a safe to use for all age groups. To know more about Indulgeo Essentials or to visit their site, click here


Word On The Street?

I have seen quite a few Bloggers and YouTubers talk about this miraculous brand, and their handy naturally made potions that battle various signs of aging and concerns of the skin. Each one of those reviews hyped and glorified the brand and swore by its impressive results. Notably, I found out that a lot of the Indian Bloggers and YouTubers also proclaimed this product to be a perfect dupe for the Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir, which if you didn’t know you, isn’t available in India and neither do they ship it to India. Now, you will find a lot of fake Farsali products but are those worth it? Find out about that in my upcoming review.



Never had I ever heard of a company called Indulgeo Essentials and I actually found out about it first through YouTube when I stumbled across a video that mentioned that there is an Indian dupe available for Farsali’s famous Rose Gold Elixir and of course, I just had to know more about it. From what I have gathered is that, this Rose Gold Oil is very similar to Farsali’s Elixir except for the fact that there is one ingredient that the Rose Gold Oil has and Farsali doesn’t, while that probably doesn’t bring in any major difference, that’s one of the only key differences between the two. Now, the website is pretty decent and their social media handles are quite active as well. The shipping was very impressive because the product arrived in 2 days and the best part is, they provide COD all over India, sadly, that means everyone else will have to pay via card or some such payment method.

The ratings so far are,

Arrival: 10/10

Social Media Activity: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Authenticity: 10/10


Let’s get into the review!



The Rose Gold Oil by Indulgeo Essentials

This oil is 100% organic. It is an effective lightweight moisturizer with added anti-aging benefits for all skin types. You can use it as a daily moisturizer, to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. The pure 24k Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing and naturally radiant. This product reduces the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, vitamin C helps firm and tighten,. This is best for oily skin. The bottle is made of glass and it follows a gold, white and blue theme. The content is 30ML/1.01 FL OZ. This product costs 1,280 for 15ML and 1,900 for 30ML. If you’re interested in purchasing this product then, click here.




This is hands down the best facial oil I have ever used. It moisturizes the skin and easily absorbs right into your skin. For those who think there will be very little gold flakes in the bottle only for namesake, fear not, as you can see in the picture, there are a plethora of gold flakes in the little bottle! It was rightly said so on the site and by the many people who reviewed this product that it truly is wonderful. This product is said to be best suited for folks with oily skin but I am a combination skin type and it works just fine on me and as for folks with dry or extremely dry skin, this formula is definitely going to work for you as well because I made sure that my mom, who has very skin, also tries it out and she absolutely loves it. If you have pigmentation’s or any skin or discoloration then make sure to get a bottle of this oil because the Vitamin E Oil used in it is perfect for treating these skin concerns and it works very well for skin tightening as well. Also, don’t worry about your face looking shiny or very oily, because as I mentioned earlier, this product soaks right into your skin leaving it soothed and glowing! You can also apply this alongside with your make up products like foundation, etc for a dewy and smooth finishing.

Product Ratings

Quality: 10/10

Quantity: 10/10

Defects: None

Packaging: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Total: 10/10


My Verdict?

What are you waiting for? because at this point, do I really need to even spell it out? If I must then, well, I would suggest that you hurry up and click that little link I have provided you with and get your very own bottle of the Rose Gold Oil by Indulgeo Essentials because it’s money well spent and it is a complete paisa wasool product! I highly, and I really mean, highly recommend this product to you. For folks who have read my previous reviews and the ones who are new to my blog, I don’t fib about when I write these reviews and I have got to be honest, I don’t think I have ever recommended a product so strongly before. As someone who shops a lot and really believes in the importance of quality, this is exactly the kind of product I would want to purchase and add to my skincare routine because it really does make a difference and it will be visible within the first one week of usage itself. Also, please remember that I have only reviewed this one product of theirs and can’t vouch for the rest of the products that are available on their website but I will review them in my upcoming blog posts.

Well, with that concludes this review! I hope this was informative for you and if you enjoyed reading this review then please leave a like and leave a comment, if you have any queries or feedback. You can also reach out to me via Instagram @CrypticCriticChan or through email at

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laters, folks!

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