The Odbo Face Highlight Pop Star Kit

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Hey, folks!

It’s been almost a month since my last post and yes, I know I said that I would be more diligent with posting more often but since it was my summer break from college, I was busy whiling it away like a lot of folks my age. One of the other reasons why I had to take a break was due to a minor accident which was entirely my own foolish fault and due to some health issues that came in. That being said, I am doing much better now and I know I have said this before, but I will try to catch up with all the posts I need to write up. Today’s post is from the Korean Cosmetic category and I am glad that I can finally write my review on this product because if you follow my Instagram account then you must have seen that I had promised a review for this product a long time ago but ended up keeping it on the sidelines until today. Now, before we get into the review, the next upcoming review deals with a dupe of a very popular product, *HINT* it is a skincare product that bodes well with makeup and a lot of makeup artists use it during their tutorials or you must have surely seen it on Instagram or Facebook.

What is The Odbo?

The Odbo is a Korean Cosmetic and Skincare brand that believes in using the raw materials that can be obtained from nature with the maximum elimination of harmful ingredients. The Odbo cosmetics are continuously researching and developing cosmeceuticals for beauty by using celadon as a raw material in clean seawater area Cheju Island. The reason that the river does not decay is that it flows constantly to meet with the big sea, and the reason for the fruit is bitter root.  They have a wide range of cosmetics from highlighters, blushes to eyeshadows.

I hadn’t known about this brand until I came across the product itself. Unlike the Cleof Glitter Eyeshadow Palette I reviewed, I have never seen this brand come up in any tutorials on YouTube or being used by a makeup artist on Instagram. So, this time, I actually don’t know much about the product except for what it obviously states. I know, it’s odd and a tad bit suspicious too, trust me, I wasn’t sure whether I, myself, wanted to even try this product out because who knows about what it might do but for the sake of the review and after careful patch tests, I finally used the product and here I am with my review.

The Odbo Face Highlight Pop Star Kit

The packaging is simple and white with the logo and name of the product on the top and a mirror on the inside. There are four different shades of highlighters- Rouge(A deep Pink shade), Apricot( A Brown-Orange shade), Cantaloupe(A light Brown-Orange shade) and Linen(A Rose Gold shade).  The palette is sturdy and of a decent quality.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was very reluctant about using this product but after all those patch tests, I have only one thing to say, I absolutely love it. I use this product after every day and the quantity is quite decent since I have had this palette for close to two months now. While I have tried on all the shades, Linen is my favorite since it’s Rose Gold and goes well with my look. All the colors are very pigmented and last for a fairly long time, giving you a nice natural glow. I usually prefer using the shade Rouge over the blush sometimes and Apricot and Cantaloupe go very well with contours. Overall, this is a very nice palette and I really like the simple look it has.

Product Ratings

Quality: 8/10

Quantity: 9/10

Defects: None

Packaging: 7/10

Value:  9/10

Total: 8/10

My Verdict?

I think you should definitely get your hands on this palette if you do come across and sadly, I couldn’t really find a proper link for the product but if you search online hard enough, chances are that you will find this palette. This product also works very well over liquid highlighters to add a little ompf to the glow. I highly recommend using this product regardless of your skin type because I have combination skin and it works just fine on me and I did try it out on my mom, who has very dry skin, and lo behold, it worked very well with her skin type as well.

This is one of those rare posts where my review has been surprisingly short, but that’s also because there weren’t any reviews or information that I could work with. As you know, I always try to make my posts as informative as possible, so, if you do have something to share with me regarding the brand or product then feel free to reach out to me by commenting below.

Click here for the Instagram exclusive video.

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laters, folks! :3

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