Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: Season 2 + Lost Kitties: Series 2

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Hey, folks!

I can’t believe that I’m writing my second kids toys review already. Then again, I did go ham at Hamleys and buy quite a few things. In fact, I managed to make acquaintance with a couple of them and we are on a covert operation as I type this. But, for real, I had no choice but to get acquainted with them because the whole, “Hi, I’m buying this for my little sister” is getting old and I’m going to be there a lot more often. For the most of it, they think it’s quite interesting that I’m reviewing these toys and I’m sure on the inside, they’re pegging me down as a weirdo with a lot of time on their hand. All jokes aside, I really enjoyed writing the last toy review. It was very different from my usual M.O. and I want to make this category of reviews more fun and funny for the potential younger audience that may or may not be reading this. There are a lot of talented YouTubers, who also do the same like CookieSwirlC, sadly my voice is heavy and I can’t mimic her high pitched voice but it’s surprisingly popular with kids, and there’s also Toy Caboodle, she’s very creative and funny, as well. Please do check them both out, they are reviewers as well and for the International audience, they’re a good start since the variety of toys available it is amazing. Once again, I’m writing these reviews for PARENTS, who are confused and not sure about these newly launched toys or want to buy toys for their kids and don’t know where to start. If you want me to review a particular toy then please comment below and let me know, and I will try my best to get my hands on it.

Without any further ado, let’s start!

What are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals is a line of robotic toys produced by Spin Master. Hatchimals are electronic birds that you can nurture and can hatch from a plastic egg. Later, in 2017, Hatchimals i CollEGGtibles, collectible figurines that you can take out of smaller eggs, was released.

It began in 2013, where Spin Master’s head of robotic creations James Bartin explained that his team hated the popularity of unboxing videos on YouTube, and envisioned a concept for a toy that could “unbox” itself. This idea evolved into a concept for a robotic creature that would hatch itself from an egg, necessitating the design of a mechanism for the hatching, and material for the egg itself. Hatchimals was officially launched on October 7, 2016, backed by advertising on television and digital platforms, such as social networking services.

Much like with the L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls, I came across Hatchimals when I was looking for kawaii boxes. At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan by the looks of it but once I got to know the whole process of actually acquiring the Hatchimals, my interest was piqued. Robotic toys have always been the rage but a toy that hatches out on its own? This takes interactive to a whole new level. Now, as you can see in the thumbnail, these eggs aren’t the robotic ones. Instead, they’re the colleggtibles that were later released last year due to the high demand for Hatchimals. I know, I know, we all want to see an ACTUAL Hatchimal hatch out but they cost about ₹8k and that’s a bit pricey especially since Christmas just came by and my wallet is lighter than ever. Do not fret! I will get my hands on one of these eventually but until then, we shall start with the little eggs.

The cost of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 is ₹1399. Yes, it’s expensive but good toys usually are. They also have a pack of 2 and a single pack at Hamleys. Parents and buyers beware- These toys are only exclusively available at Hamleys and MAYBE Amazon. There are many dupes and fakes out there, so be wary.

To visit their site, click here.


Let’s get into this!

Here’s what the box looks like on the front side. You can see illustrations on it of other characters that are available in this series. With each such pack, you get a complimentary bonus character. The bonus character in this box is Butterpuff with silver wings. There are 4 unhatched eggs visible in the box with purple hearts on them.

The back has instructions about the eggs and what do their colors signify. Even the colors of their wings have meaning.

Silver Wings- Common

Pink Wings- Rare

Purple Wings- Ultra Rare

Blue Wings- Limited Edition

There are also rare golden eggs that you can find and they have limited edition or ultra rare surprises.

Let’s prise this open!

On the inside, there is a small instruction manual and a character list.

The Butterpuff is in a little plastic mold if it’s own and it’s detachable too. The spots on the eggs tell us which category they belong to. What colors do we have?

Red- Farm Type

Green- Forest Type

Pink- Garden Type

Dark Blue- Crystal Canyon Type. Looks like we have a special edition character with us!


The Butterpuff is pink all over and purples on the front with silver glittery wings and two purple antennas. It also has a playful winking expression. Butterpuff is a Garden-Type!

Let’s check who are potential characters are on the list!

But first, here’s a little picture from the front of the list. I wonder if this is a scenery from a game? We shall find out soon enough!

There are over 100 characters to collect. Just look at all the cute characters that we can potential get. Currently, we have green, pink, red and dark blue eggs. Let’s see… I want a

Pink Egg- Dragonflip. It just looks so cute!

Green Egg- Hummingbear. What an interesting name!

Red Egg- Macow. Just look at it’s adorable little wink!

Finally, Dark Blue Egg- Crystal Cheetree. Those tiny spots on its head are so sweet!

Let’s start with the eggs and see whether my wishes come true!


This is not an egg!

It looks like a milk carton with cute cats on it… oh! They’re the lost kitties!

I hope you didn’t think that I’ve forgotten about them but you’re going to have to wait till the end of this review to see what the Lost Kitties have for us today!

Let’s hurry and get there quick!

Here are the eggs, which one shall we start off with? The green egg looks promising, so, let’s start with that!

But, how do we hatch this egg? It’s simple! Just follow my instructions. Can you see the Purple Heart? Well, place a finger on it!

Now, rub the heart all over and watch it change its color. The color will change from purple to pink!

The color will slowly transition back to purple but you must repeat this process until the area feels softer.

Look! The hard shell is softer and now we can hatch our hatchimal. Let’s see who we got! Remember which character we are looking for? It’s Hummingbear!


It’s a Foxin’ and it has glittery purple wings. Wait, that means, this is an ultra rare character! Woah, who would’ve thought? And it’s my first try too! It’s purple all over with white on its underside and white whiskers too. There’s also some kind of collar on it that’s a part of the mini figure.

Let’s see, who’s next? How about the dark blue egg!

Let’s repeat the same procedure from before with the previous egg. This time you can slowly see how the egg transitions back to the original color. Keep in mind that we are hopping for a Crystal Cheetree!

Crystal Cheetree

I can’t believe that we got it right! Comment down below if you guessed it right or what were you expecting instead. Its so cute with the tiny spots on its head and all over its body! It’s purple all over and lighter on the front and mouth with glittery silver wings.

We are almost half way through and closer than ever to reaching the Lost Kitties!


Look at how adorable it looks! Donkemu is definitely a hard worker and it’s a Farm Type. It’s lilac all over with blue hair and a blue nose and underside. The wings are glittery and silver.

The last egg is finally here, will we get the rare Dragonflip? I sure hope we do!


Woah! Could it be? Let’s check, it’s a Garden Type. It has two pink antennas with pink on the front side and it’s purple all over. The prettiest eyes and the most glittery pink wings I’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s none other than the rare Dragonflip!

We got 2/2 wishes true. That’s pretty solid for the first try!

We have kick started our CollEGGtibles collection with 4- wait, someone is missing! There are supposed to be 5 CollEGGtibles here.

There you go! Our collection has started off with 5 characters. We also have a rare and an ultra rare character, too! Let’s not forget that we also got to hatch the special edition Crystal Canyon egg.

Product Ratings:

Quality: 8/10

Defects: None

Value: ₹1399

Worth it?: Yes

Recommend it?: Yes

My Verdict?

To most adults, a toy like this is lame and boring. After all, it’s just an egg. You could easily break it open without the extra procedure. But, to a kid, this is far more than just that. You’re letting them indulge in an activity that will start their exploration into the hobby of collecting. Granted that they’re just collecting toys, tiny miniature toys that don’t have moveable limbs and will/might hurt when you step on them like a Lego. As for the children, they’re going to collect these with zest and zeal of an archeologist. Brace yourself for when they sit you aside and show you their little collection and enthusiastically explain everything to you. Yes, it’s a bit cumbersome for the adult to sit through that sometimes but it’s actually a great way to help children grown and start with a new hobby. This toy has been recommended for ages 5+ but I would suggest that this should be treated as 7+ instead because kids are kids. This makes a great gift or purchase for kids. As for adults, I actually liked this. When I was younger, I didn’t have such toys and I’m sure it would’ve blown me away when the colors transition back and forth. There’s nothing particularly sharp about the egg but the cracked pieces, while they’re smooth, could be a bit of a hazard. So, yes, parental guidance for kids under 8 years, will be required or recommended by me.

Still here?

Of course you are! We haven’t gotten into our review for the Lost Kitties.

Now, this isn’t an actual separate review because I wasn’t even planning on making this purchase. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I made acquaintance with some of the stall members at the Hamley’s store and they suggest that I try this one out. I have never seen a video before and only have a brief instruction from the employee on how this product works. If I like this product then yes, I will buy a couple of them and make a proper review. Also, if you want me to review these regardless, then your wish is my command.

Here’s what the packaging out the outside looks like. It’s a milk carton and it has some Lost Kitties on it.

Let’s open it up and see what the deal is!

We have a character list and look at how funny they all look! I won’t go too much into detail over it. Comment down below if you want this review!

Looks like someone just dived right inside the milk. Let’s hurry and save them!

Can you see them? I think I spot a little blue thing!

I wonder, who is inside this?


It’s a blue cat in a funny pose, playing with a little ball. Oh! It’s Boops! On the list it says that, Boops is a Cathletic type with a white droplet.

Surely that’s not all that there is! Let’s dive back in and find some more hidden goodies.

It was a close call but I think, I’ve gotten them all this time. It’s something yellow and pink with another item in a packet. But first, let’s clean them up.

Looks like these are his belongings. There’s also a cute meme sticker of him that says,”Purr-ecious”, how adorable is that? The only item was a tea pot and the pink one was a scratch post with a little toy on it for Boops to play with.

I can’t quite score this product yet because I don’t know much about it but maybe I will go back to the store and get more of these Lost Kitties for a tea review! So far, I really enjoyed the product and I think it’s worth a go. For more information on this product, stay tuned for the next post! So, don’t forget to follow me and stay in the loop for the next review.

This was so much! The next couple of reviews are mostly for toys and I don’t think that’s gonna get most of us complaining. But, for my adults who want reviews for their daily needs, don’t worry, there’s plenty of those coming in too.

As always, reach out to me via Instagram or email me Iamnotchannel@gmail.com for any feedback or queries.

Until the next post,

Laters, folks!

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