Farsali: Unicorn Essence Serum (FAKE!) Review 2019

*Disclaimer: The pictures used in this review belong to me. This post is not sponsored. Everything written over here is just my opinion.


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I’m really glad to see that the views per day on my site has slowly started to climb up towards almost 100 views a day. These days I try really hard to make sure that the blog runs smoothly and has enough new and interesting content coming up regularly. Though, with my exams starting up soon, I won’t be able to be as active as I have been the last few weeks. As the steady flow of the audience increases, I will try to build a schedule where I post twice or, at the least, once a week. Even on days when there are no uploads, I’m always active on WordPress, and exploring new blogs and ideas, reaching out to fellow reviewers and generally just learning and being an active part of the community. I have come across so many amazing and talented bloggers, and I hope that as time goes by, the quality of the blog and its contents will improve! Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far on my journey if it wasn’t for you folks, who ready my posts and I really appreciate all your support.

Now, you have read the title and the big ‘FAKE’ must have caught your attention. Yes, this is indeed my review for a fake Farsali Unicorn Elixir Serum. I know that this review should have been posted months ago but I really wanted to save it for another time. So, for all those of you, who want a cheap deal on this serum and have found it already, here is what you need to know!

What Is Farsali?

Farsali is a skincare brand created by Ali Dhukai for his wife, Farah Dhukai and today, she is the owner of the world famous brand. The idea behind the need for Farsali was complex yet simple, it was to create products where skincare united with make-up. Farsali’s debut skincare product was, now widely popular, the Rose Gold Elixir, which was launched in 2016, which is still priced at $54 for 30ML. Since then, various other products have been launched to their collection of skincare like the Volcanic Elixir and Unicorn Essence. Their products are Vegan and Cruelty- Free.

To visit their site, click here.

Word On The Street?

A simple search on the #farsali and #unicornessence will surely let anyone know that this brand and it’s products are highly praised and talked about. So far, I haven’t come across any complaints with regards to the original products, however, when it comes to fakes, not dupes but actual fakes, the story takes many unfortunate turns.


I have never used any Farsali product, it’s not that I have any issues with the brand but it’s not available in any store in India, even Sephora and going as far as purchasing it from the site itself never felt like a need. Regardless of that, this review is not on the original product but on whether you should actually risk buying the fake Farsali products available. This fake product, in particular, was purchased from Beauty Shop, Kandivali(Mumbai, India). I did notice that they had other fakes as well but I was intimidated by the shockingly low cost and its shady nature.

It was a hard decision for me because while I do not have sensitive skin, I don’t want to have any terrible skin reactions or eruptions, or worse, like burning my skin off. As grotesque as those possible fates sound, this is a review I wanted to dive into and I do not review products that have not been tried on by me on me or under my observation on someone else, like my mom. But since this was a risky game, I opted out on asking for anyone else’s help and chose to go ahead with it by myself.

The Farsali Unicorn Essence (FAKE)

It comes in a packaging that is similar to the original product, though, in several pictures where a fake and original have been compared, the sizes of the box will be quite different with the fake being smaller in size. The box is a mix of purple and pink with a gloss like sparkle but looks faded in comparison with the online images of the real product. As in the original packaging, the same product description has been mentioned along with the same list of ingredients and instructions. The bottle is the same shade of deep purple with the same design and writing on it. Even the back of the bottle has the same details and notes, as well as the name of the company and manufacturer. This fake product was sold for Rs. 500. The cost of the original Unicorn Essence is Rs. 3, 716.00 or $54 on their site.

*note: I lost the original pictures to this post, so, here are unedited pictures of the box that I’ve taken while writing this review.*

According to the original product, this serum is meant to prepare your skin for moisturizing or make-up. While acting as a skincare base for your make-up, it also actively works on reducing signs of aging and restores your complexion along with enriching your skin with Vitamin A, C, and E. With other ingredients like Acai Gogi and Blueberry, this is actually a water-based formulated serum that uses water, instead of using a synthetic base to deliver its ingredients, provided further hydration to your skin. The original product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, Triclosan, Triclocarban, hydroquinone or talc. Also, the real product is Vegan and Cruelty-free.

The serum of the fake product is a very light shimmery purple, unlike the bright shimmery pink in the original. It has a very strong and prominent chemical like smell, which is quite a red flag when purchasing fakes. The consistency of the serum is slightly thick but mostly watery. It’s almost translucent on the skin, except for the light shimmer and vague tint of the product. I’m not sure but while spreading it on my skin, I felt a slight cooling sensation. The finish is non-greasy and almost immediately absorbs into your skin, leaving it slightly smooth to the touch with a little glow from the shimmer.

Now that I have given you so much description on the product, let me tell you my experience using it. Much like while using any new product, I did a little patch test on the top of my hand and waited for the worst. Luckily, nothing happened even after an hour. This meant that the fake was more or less safe to be used on the skin and I reluctantly began using it for the planned duration of a month or until my face melted off. I’m surprised to inform you that over the course of the month there were no breakouts caused by the serum nor did it do anything to improve my skin, except make it smell a little chemically. After all that build up, this is almost kind of a bummer but I’m gonna be honest, I would rather that it not work at all. I had been so worked up and worried that I was going to end up ruining my skin. Even as a skincare base before make-up, it did not make a difference to my finished look or make my look last longer during the day, though, I might have been a tad oilier than usual.

Product Ratings-

Quality: 6/10

Quantity: 9/10

Defects: None.

Packaging: 8/10

Value: 4/10

My Verdict?

The Farsali range truly is impressive and I can see why so many people want in on the action and see its products working their magic in person but of course, not everyone can afford spending $50+ on skincare products, so, buying dupes do seem like the only viable option. That being said, dupes are not nearly as possibly harmful like a fake product. The dupe is just a different brand making a cheaper yet effective that is similar but not the same, regardless of their intention and inspiration. For example, as mentioned earlier, Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir is very popular but while it may not be possible for everyone to afford it or even find in stores close to them, there is a brand called Indulgeo Essentials that has the Rose Gold Oil and its the perfect dupe for Farsali’s product. I have previously reviewed it on my blog, to read the review, click here. Now, when it comes to fake products, I don’t judge people who use them. The closest to fake products I usually go for are fake/dupe make-up brushes. Those are usually a hit or a miss but luckily, I have only been blessed with hits so far. Oh, and I have bought some fake eyeshadow palettes before but to be honest, those were just because the packaging was cute and I can’t resist those some times. But, skincare? That’s a whole different level of risks and gambling with your skin. So, do I recommend buying this? No, I don’t. It’s a waste of money and an awful way to treat your skin, also, not all fakes may react the same way mine did. If you’re unlucky enough, you could possibly end up with a fake that could really burn your skin or leave it permanently scarred. The only reason why I would buy this is for props in pictures but that’s mostly it. Once again, please refrain from buying fake skincare or make-up products and instead try to opt for cheaper brands, which there are plenty of and several effective ones too.

Remember- Regardless of how cheap it is, it’s never the original and no matter how real it looks, it’s not worth the risks!

Thank you for making it to the end of today’s review and I do apologise if at any point I sounded preachy because I really wanted to address and make evident the gravity of the situation and the various risks of using fake products. As always, do reach out to me if you have any feedback or suggestions and, do comment down below any questions you have or perhaps, tell me your experience with fake products. I hope you liked this review and if so, then do leave a like! Also, if this kind of content is your cup of tea, then make sure to follow me here for more reviews and comparisons.


Until the next post,

laters, folks!

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  1. ERA en Vouge says:

    Such a great and thorough review!
    I am not sure what it is about the real version, but I definitely think it is worth trying out. I have such great makeup days when I pair it with the NARS Longwear Radiant Foundation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. crypticcriticchan says:

      Thank you! I wish Nars was available here, they seem to have an impressive line of cosmetics!

      Liked by 1 person

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