Power Gummies: Sugar Bear Hair Dupe Review’19

*Disclaimer: All the pictures used here belong to me. This post is not sponsored. Everything written here is just my opinion, it is not meant to defame any of the brands mentioned in the review.

Hey, folks!

I’m so glad that I no longer have to complain about the heat. All that praying for rain has finally come through, the rains have come in and graced us with whatever little relief it can provide. It’s a different story that it’s just going to make the weather far hotter out on the streets later, such is the life of us folks who live in humid cities. This review has been on my shelf for quite some time now because I actually purchased this product back in late March, and yes, I have tried it out. Of all the reviews I have written, and the products I have tried, this is the first time it required me to consume it. Now I’m sure a lot of you are not seeing what the big deal is, and that’s why this review is necessary. Somebody has to say it, we can’t all be dazed by pretty pastel blobs of sugar and whatever it takes to make such ‘vitamins’. The fact that I’m alive and writing this review just goes to show that this was obviously not fatal, but does that make it any safer? So, read on, folks. It’s time for a session of ‘The More You Know“.

What are Power Gummies?

The Power Gummies is a brand of hair vitamins based in India, with its main branch located in New Delhi, India. Their goal is to help achieve a healthier lifestyle with their supplements, that are made with the help of the most advanced technologies for the development of the gummy vitamins. This product is supposed to help you detox from the inside out.

To visit their site, click here.

To see a full list of their ingredients, click here.

The Problem?

As mentioned on the packaging, this product was conceptualized in the U.S.A., possibly inspired by the brand Sugar Bear Hair. SBH is popular on social media platforms like Instagram since they’re often promoted by well-known celebrities like Kylie Jenne and Kim Kardashian, as well as several social media influencers, who use their wide following to promote such brands. Much like SBH, Power Gummies are also promoted by various influencers and YouTubers. It is also a known fact that most influencers and celebrities are paid to promote brands, or they’re sponsored by the brand. The large possibility of bias in their testimonials is questionable, yet concerning. That being said, the real problem here is the ingredients used to make these supplements. The list of ingredients is nearly identical to that of SBH, which has previously been reported harmful for consumption by some lab tests. There is a possibility that the same inaccuracies from the SBH hair vitamins are followed here as well. It has been clearly stated on the packaging that this product is not FDA approved, nor is it meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Despite claiming to be lab tested by Third Party Testing, I don’t see any kind of responsibility or guarantee from them. SBH was also reported to have large traces of lead, which is nearly fatal for any kind of creature, human or animal. One more thing I would like to bring up is their, Power Gummies, line of multi-vitamins and Calcium & Vitamin D supplements for children. Yes, children. I do not have the supplements meant for children with me for two reasons, I would never trust using such a product for a child and both the variants were out of stock.

What is Biotin?

Biotin, aka vitamin B7 or H, is a B-complex vitamin that is found in many foods, Like eggs, milk, nuts, and grains. It helps turn the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the food you eat into the energy you need. But, because it’s water-soluble, meaning it dissolves in water, biotin isn’t stored in your body; it actually just flushes right out of you when you pee. If you follow a healthy, balanced diet, it’s likely you already get all the biotin you could possibly need, anyway. Biotin deficiency is extremely rare because our bodies require only a very small amount, which is easily achieved if you’re eating a relatively normal diet. Aside from being labelled the holy grail remedy for thinning hair, brittle nails, and dry, itchy skin, biotin supplements can sometimes be prescribed by doctors for other reasons too, like easing disabilities brought on by multiple sclerosis, alleviating diabetes and diabetes-related nerve damage, or encouraging baby growth and development during pregnancy, according to the National Library of Medicine. But the real truth is that there isn’t much scientific proof to show just how effective they really are at treating any of these conditions, even the cosmetic ones. However, hair, skin, and nails supplements do come with one warning: Even in small amounts, they can sometimes mess with your lab test results. This is especially true if you’re testing for issues with your thyroid or hormone levels, cardiac troponin levels (used to diagnose heart attacks), or vitamin D levels. This could lead to bogus results and misdiagnosis, which could potentially be dangerous. In their FAQs section, there was a question that asked whether a Thyroid patient could consume this safely, and it was answered that due to one of the ingredients being Iodine, an important element for such patients, it was left ambiguous, though much like with other similar queries, they have suggested consulting a doctor first. Since I did compare Power Gummies with Sugar Bear Hair, I will also include this bit of information: During a test by Labdoor, it was measured that there were 8,497 micrograms of biotin in one serving of the gummies, 70% more than claimed on the label; 10.3 micrograms of B12, 72% more than on the label; and 3.5 micrograms of B6, 73% more than the label. Since all B vitamins, including biotin, are water-soluble, which means the body will naturally excrete any unused nutrients, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). That means having an excess of B vitamins and biotin does not necessarily make the vitamin more effective or unsafe because the body will release any amounts it doesn’t use.

Biotin Dosages: As mentioned on WebMD,

The following doses have been studied in scientific research:


General: There is no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) established for biotin. The adequate intakes (AI) for biotin are 30 mcg for adults over 18 years and pregnant women, and 35 mcg for breastfeeding women.

Biotin deficiency: Up to 10 mg daily has been used.


General: There is no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) established for biotin. The adequate intakes (AI) for biotin are 7 mcg for infants 0-12 months, 8 mcg for children 1-3 years, 12 mcg for children 4-8 years, 20 mcg for children 9-13 years, and 25 mcg for adolescents 14-18 years.

Biotin deficiency: Up to 10 mg daily has been used in infants.

The Product

It comes in a plastic bottle in blue and pink colored pastel tones. The bottle and packaging share the same resemblance. Like SBH, the Power Gummies also have their supplements shaped like bears, though they don’t really look identical. The taste of the gummy treats are supposed to be sweet and the flavor has been claimed to be one of the best biggest USP’s of this product. According to the website, this product is supposed to enhance hair and nail growth, while also boosting the metabolism.

Cost: Rs. 1,200 (One Month Pack)

The Result

Before I get into the entire thing, I want to start out by saying that I only purchased one bottle of this product and used it only for a month. This product has been recommended to be used for 2-3 months for the best results, but I was and still am not willing to go through that for this.

Starting from the 1st of April to the 30th of April, I followed the routine of eating two gummies a day. Let’s first get into how the supplement looks. Here is a comparison of one of the best looking gummy and the common ones in the bottle. It looks almost like a very bad version of the Sugar Bear Hair supplements, which it possibly is. A lot of people comment on their cuteness, and if you know me, then you know that I love everything that’s cute, and this wasn’t one of them. I was actually disappointed with how they look, they didn’t have the cute and pastel look they have online. Some of the bears were rather disfigured, almost melted or out of shape.

Now the taste, some of the videos I saw online reviewing and talking about this brand, kept raving about the taste of the supplements, much like the brand itself that claims that the treats are delicious. I may not be big on sweets, but this wasn’t it. It tasted like a very artificial berry flavored gummy that did what gummies do, stick to the crevices of my teeth and I prayed for the cavities to be at bay. I did not enjoy the taste, it was not refreshing or delicious, it was slightly sour and very artificial, it just didn’t feel right. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a burst of juicy berries, but this stood nowhere near the expectations it was lined up with. As for the growth of my hair and nails, previously in my review for Araina by Arshneet, I mentioned that I have very brittle and weak nails, none of which was cured or treated or even reduced by the supplements. My nails still broke and peeled away like they always did. Lastly, my hair. Bear in mind that I have chemically treated hair that has also been bleached and dyed before. My hair did grow a couple of centimeters, but that was not something I could associate with the supplements, because it is natural for the hair to grow over time. With that, the quality of my hair hadn’t improved either. There was no shine or increase in the volume. The reviews for this product mainly focus on the results on their hair, and quite honestly, the whole “My hair grew longer!” bit is stupid. No offense to those who actually believe it, but like I said, hair grows over time, it’s natural and has nothing to do with the supplement unless you suddenly grew long hair like Rapunzel within weeks of using it.

My Verdict?

I do not recommend this product or any product that claims to have the ability to treat or cure such issues. There are no scores because I really don’t think the money paid for it is worth anything. It is just another one of those fads that are meant to sway the minds of those who desperately seek help. The fact that such supplements are becoming a trend due to the involvement of celebrities and influencers is actually sad. I wouldn’t recommend using any supplement unless prescribed by a medical professional. To commercially sell such products for children is not right either. While it may or may not be harmful, the cost and the risk are simply not worth the gamble. If you really want to purchase products to improve your hair and nails then consider using natural products like oils or even products like that of Araina By Arshneet, they’re vegan and handmade with no chemicals or artificial elements and preservatives. And, there’s always the choice to change your diet and eat the right food to improve your hair and nails, it’s work, but it’s safer and more reasonable than anything else. If you have any severe issues with nail peeling or hair fall then it’s best to consult a medical professional.

As always, feel free to reach out to me via the contact details given. Do comment down below whether you’ve used such supplement’s before or what you think about them. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Until the next post,

laters, folks! x

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  2. Annie says:

    Aside from always taking amazing shots of the product, I’m glad you reviewed them! I don’t like vitamin “candy” or believe in their efficacy so it was nice to see a critical review of them.

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    1. crypticcriticchan says:

      Awww thank you so much! This really made my night. I don’t support such supplements either! Especially if they’re selling similar things to children. If you want meds, go to the doctor, not the Internet! Have a great day/night! 🙂


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