Dear, Klairs: Freshly Juiced Vitamins Drop Review’19

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Hey, folks!

This week really went by so quick, and the rains in Mumbai (India) are finally becoming more of a daily occurrence. It’s one of the best things that has happened this week, but we still have a couple of days left for the week to end, and you never know what’s going to turn up. Another YouTube scandal? Or, maybe even a new release from Nykaa once more? Life these days is full of surprises. Much like my previous review, The Power Gummies, this review has been stewing up for quite some time now. I often buy things in bulk off of Nykaa, and skincare requires time and patience to slowly see any visible results. Usually, I give it at least somewhere between 3 weeks to a full month to impress me before I drop it or add it in my cart once more. Skincare has slowly become an essential part of my routine, and there’s no way to deny it, a soothed and fresh look is always more preferable over a decked up with make-up one, at least that’s how it has been for me. I’m yet to find products that fit every part of my routine perfectly, but that’s alright since I get to explore and get my hands on so many interesting brands and their products. Well, that’s enough of my rambling, let’s get into the real review!

What is Dear, Klairs?

Dear, Klairs is a Korean brand and it believes in a simplistic approach towards skin care. It has been designed specifically for sensitive skin. Klairs is taking steps towards becoming Vegan, and they only use plant-based ingredients in their products to promote healthier stronger skin. Their products do not contain colorants, alcohol, parabens or artificial fragrances/fragrance-free.

To visit their site, click here.

Word On The Street?

The serum is quite popular too, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best sellers in their Freshly Juiced Line. Most people consider this product a holy grail for sensitive skin, but there are a few complaints regarding a burning sensation when applying the product. Some people also claimed that they hadn’t seen a difference even after using it for longer than a month. Though, the reviews are largely filled with people who are very happy with the results.


I have heard a lot about this brand, and this is actually my first product from them. Serums are not something I use daily, but I’m no stranger when it comes to the benefit of using a Vitamin C oil. The reviews that complained about the burning sensation had me a little concerned, but I still had to find it out for myself.

So, let’s start with the product!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

The serum has been designed with natural ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. It is meant to energize and rejuvenates your skin with pure vitamin C. This serum tackles problems regarding enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. It contains 5% of ascorbic acid and is suitable for all ages and skin types, especially if you have very sensitive. The total quantity within the bottle is 35ML.

Cost: ₹ 1,570.

The one thing I really like about this product is the packaging, it’s the kind that makes you feel like one of those really well known Instagram reviewers. I suppose what I’m trying to say is I like the clean and simple aesthetic it has. As for the serum itself, both my mother and I tried it on for a while and we even purchased it twice. Now, don’t take that as a recommendation yet. The first few days the serum would have a bit of an afterburn, but it would subside almost immediately. Besides the slight burn, the smell of the serum is what bugged me the most. It smells almost like rubbing alcohol. I’m not saying that the smell has anything to do with the ingredients, but if you’re sensitive to smells, you might want to be a little wary of this. When it comes to the results, we started seeing results within a couple of days of using it. At first we weren’t sure whether we were seeing a difference because of how badly we wanted to see it. After nearly 2 weeks or so, the pigmentation on my face visibly started to lighten and reduce. The same effect was noted on my mother’s face too. Fine lines and tan spots started to lighten and her face seemed firmer as well. But, after almost a month, I stopped seeing any more changes. There was nothing new changing on my face with the pigmentation. So, who was the second bottle for? My mom! She loves this product and really enjoys using it. The serum has managed to hydrate her face, and she has a dry skin type.

Product Ratings

Quality: 8/10

Quantity: 8/10

Defects: Scratches on the box.

Value: 8/10

My Verdict?

I wasn’t expecting any miraculous results from using the serum, but even the small changes I saw in the beginning, were quite nice. This product is not much of an acquired tastes, it just seems that it might be a better match for folks with dry and normal skin types, including sensitive skin types. I’ve a combination skin type that leans towards oily skin, so, I’m not so sure about how well this serum will work with outright oily skin types. Do I recommend this product? Yes. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for someone else. My mom seems to have taken to it really well and it won’t be long before we purchase another bottle for her. It’s always best to try and get samples of products you might want to try, that way you wouldn’t exactly have to invest the entire amount. I understand that spending nearly ₹1.6k is not exactly something everyone would want to spend on a trial and error product. There are plenty of dupes for those who would like to try similar products out. Don’t worry, I’m on a look out for those dupes as well!

As always, feel free to reach out to me via the contact details mentioned. Comment down below if you’ve used this product before or if you know about a dupe for this serum. I’m always open to constructive criticism and feedbacks!

Until the next post,

Laters, folks! x

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