Hello, folks!

In a world of social media, affiliation links and PR lists, the real reviews are often muddled up in there. Much like my own audience, I scoured the internet for bloggers and vloggers, who would really speak their mind and give us the truth. The truth being unfiltered and not beautified. Yes, I strive to be one such blogger.

Over a year ago, the first blog post was uploaded and since then, I have come a long way from my rookie reviewer days. Today, I’m still a college student, who is working hard to reach my goals but the difference is that I’m closer than ever now. I’m still learning and I’m glad to see that many people seem to find what they seek for in my reviews and so, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to improve the interface of my blog and the quality of my content. Of course, I am not perfect and so, reader, I request you to join me on my journey to bring you the real reviews and to help me help you.

Yours Truly,